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Car Mode for iOS is now available now for iPad and iPhone. Download NOW on the App Store.

Key Features

We're super passionate about Car Mode for iOS. One key missing feature in iOS is its missing Car Mode feature, so we've made it for you! Easily carry out tasks without having to remove your iPhone or iPad from the dock.

Full Navigation System

In our most recent update in Car Mode for iOS, we introduced a fantastic new navigation mapping feature. You can now search for addresses and POI's, and save your most used locations. You can even change your default mapping application to another one you prefer!



Whenever anyone gets into their car, they connect their iPhone to their current dashboard system (if they have one), and attempt to access their phones music & contacts. Why use those horrible systems, when you can use your actual phone instead?! It looks and feels so much better!


Stay Docked

Your iPhone can stay docked with Car Mode for iOS. We've developed Car Mode so that you can do anything you want to do whilst your phone acts as a dashboard system. Send messages using your voice, and access other features with the beautiful large on screen buttons.


Navigation System

Fully Featured GPS Sat Nav With Turn by Turn Voice Directions.


Maps & Features are updated regularly.

Speed Limit Awareness

Car Mode knows the Speed Limit and subtly lets you know.

Address & POI Search

Search & Save any location in the Maps feature.

Beautiful User Interface

Car Mode looks incredible, it even feels incredible to use!

Simplified & Large

Just as you would want on a docked device. Easy & accessible.

Voice Dictation

Type messages to your friends using your voice! No need to undock to type.


Choose the app you'd like as your extra icon! More icons coming soon.

Real Time Information

Speed, Weather, Date, Time & More! Car Mode for iOS keeps you fully informed.

Large Dialer

Easily dail numbers using the large simple to use dialer pad.


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Car Mode for iOS is now available now for iPad and iPhone.

NOW on the App Store.