Letter by Letter,

Real Time Communication

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    Letter by letter, text is sent to all connected devices instantly.

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    Ovii Chat couldn't be more simple. Just open the app to automatically connect.

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    Change the font. Change the size. Adjust Ovii Chat to your preference.

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    No internet connection required! Up a mountain? Ovii Chat still works.

Up to
8 Devices


Letter-by-Letter Communicator
In Your Pocket

There's no longer a need, to buy bulky and expensive devices.

Use the devices you already have, iPhone, iPod or iPad, and communicate in real-time, as you would when speaking.

Packed with amazing features

  • No Internet connection required!
  • Real-Time, letter by letter conversation
  • Automatically connects to other device with Ovii Chat open
  • Adjustable font sizes & styles
  • Save & Send conversations via e-mail
  • Chat with up to 8 devices
  • Voice dictation can be used and transferred into real-time text
  • Full emoji & custom keyboard support
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Voice Dictation
in real-time.

Ovii Chat uses the default iOS keyboard voice feature, and accurately transforms Speech to Text* . Deaf & Hard of Hearing users are able to communicate with those who do not know sign language, without having to lip read, gesture, or use handwritten notes.

*Speech to Text requires an internet connection.

See Ovii Chat in Action

VIDEO COMING SOON Ovii Chat is helping people all over the world, breaking communication barriers, making communication as simple as it should be. OviiSoft team has been working hard alongside Hard of Hearing and Deaf users to meet all the needs required to make this app as simple to use, and as effective as possible.

There are unlimited uses in which Ovii Chat can be used. In the workplace, office meetings, social gatherings, at home with family. OviiSoft is a all round, simple, lightning fast, effective, communication tool.

  • Simple Design

    Ovii Chat has a beautiful, simple familiar design, allowing for quick and simple access to all its features.

  • Automatic Connection

    Simply open Ovii Chat on the devices you wish to communicate to connect. Its that simple.

  • Customizable

    By clicking the settings icon, you are able to adjust the fonts to your preference.

  • Universal

    Ovii Chat works on iPhone, iPad & iPod. Any device running iOS8 & above.

  • Speech to Text

    Users are convert speech to text in real time. Simply speak at your device and text will appear as you speak.

  • Save & Send

    Conversations can be sent and saved via E-Mail to look back at any time.


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